Our new website has 'my account' feature, incorporates CCOE sites, much mor


—by Paul M. Kubek

We have launched a new website. It has the same address as our old site but a new look, feel, and functionality. We need your help with the transition by creating (or re-creating) your own membership account, which is free. The new  My Account feature is the doorway to our enhanced online learning community and helps you manage a few things for yourself via these five tabs: 

My Profile

Your contact information & communication preferences (e.g., email news); some required fields for event registration and resource downloads

My Role

A little info about your role in healthcare and/or behavioral healthcare to help us plan events and services

My Events

Event registration and attendance history, including payments & CEUs

My Resources

Downloads of resources & tools (e.g., PDF booklets & posters, mp3 audio)

My Discussions

Ask questions, get answers, share ideas with peers in Ohio, throughout the US, & around the globe about services for people with mental illness or co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders


  • Click "create account" (right side of the thin gray navigation bar) or click here ((NEED LINK TO NEW SITE))
  • Complete the form
  • Remember (or write down) the password that you enter into the form
  • An authentication/verification email will be sent to you by our system
  • This security feature ensures that no one else is trying to use your email address.
  • The email from us may take a few minutes or more to arrive, depending upon the volume of Internet traffic.
  • Check your "spam" folder. Some email programs might put our message there instead of your "inbox."
  • Open the authentication/verification email from us
  • Click the authentication/verification link
  • Sign-in to our site, using your email address and password (or system looks for an exact match)
  • Go to "my account" (thin gray navigation bar)
  • Go to "my profile" tab & complete the form
  • Click "update profile" at bottom of page

You are now ready to register for events, download resources, participate in online discussions, and more ...


Your email address and password-of-choice are essential for creating and managing your free membership account. Our new site will not let you use someone else's email, such as your supervisor's or a coworker's. If you do not have your own email address (work or personal email), you may obtain one online for free: 

Lost or Forgot Your Password ?

  • Click "sign in" thin gray navigation bar or (click here).
  • Click "Lost Your Password?" on sign-in page
  • Enter the email address that you used to create your account (or system looks for an exact match)
  • Our system will send you two different emails:
  • (1 ) Authentication/verification email:  open it and click the link to "authenticate/verify" your request for a new password; the system will then send you another message.
  • (2 ) New-password email:  open it and copy and paste the new password into the "sign-in" form or type it into the form
  • Save the new password and use it to log into our site
  • Change or update your password:  click "my account" (thin gray nav bar), go to "my profile" tab


Each participant must create his or her own membership account and register online. The data you input helps us manage the following:

  • Seating capacity/availability
  • Sign-in at events
  • Payments
  • Attendance verification
  • Surveys
  • Communicating with participants (e.g., registration and payment confirmation)
  • Issuing certificates of attendance and CEUs
  • More
  •  Create your free account to get started (see above) and expect the following:
  • Receive confirmation emails from us
  • Edit your event registration any time before the registration deadline (e.g., change workshop selections)
  • View your event-attendance history, payment history, and CEUs earned via "my account/ my events" tab
  • Update your contact information


We have moved the websites of our two Ohio Coordinating Center of Excellence (CCOE) initiatives and Tobacco Recovery model to our new site, so remember to update any references to those links: (((PLEASE ADVISE ON WHAT TO DO WITH THESE LINKS)))

  • Ohio SAMI CCOE | Substance Abuse and Mental Illness
  • www.ohiosamiccoe.case.edu 
  •    [change to --> ]  www.centerforebp.case.edu
  • Ohio SE CCOE | Supported Employment
  • www.ohioseccoe.case.edu
  •    [change to --> ]  www.centerforebp.case.edu
  • TRAC | Tobacco Recovery Across the Continuum
  • www.ohiotobaccorecovery.case.edu
  •    [change to --> ] www.centerforebp.case.edu


We appreciate your patience and help during our transition to the new website, which is helping us improve a few things:

  • Management of information about multiple evidence-based practices and other best practices
  • Management of events and event-registration process
  • Identifying most popular events and resource downloads
  • Quantifying use of our website
  • Developing a foundation for future improvements


We thank the William J. and Dorothy K. O'Neill Foundation of Cleveland for its generous financial support of the new website.


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Paul M. Kubek, MA, is director of communications at the Center for Evidence-Based Practices at Case Western Reserve University.