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We Need Student Volunteers!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Student-Run Free Clinic. Our organization is staffed and organized entirely by Case Western Reserve University students and volunteer health care providers. We’re always looking for new volunteers!


Clinical volunteers must be students currently enrolled at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine; Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences; Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine; or Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing. Students at the school of nursing must be enrolled in either the Graduate Entry or MSN program.

Note: If you are not eligible to apply for a clinical volunteer position, you can still get involved with the Student-Run Free Clinic!

Roles of Clinical Volunteers

Patient Advocate: first- or second-year social work student

  • Assists clients in signing up for health care insurance and
  • Refers them to community resources as needed.

Health Talk Facilitator: first- or second-year social work student

  • Coordinates and conducts informative presentations on various health-related topics.

Case Manager: pre-clinical medical or nursing student (M1, M2, MN1 or MN2) 

  • Acts as a guide to the patient during his or her visit to the Student-Run Free Clinic;
  • Provides pertinent social health resources to the patient upon discharge; 
  • Reviews intake forms;
  • Assesses vital signs;
  • Coordinates patients with clinical assessment teams and phlebotomy;
  • Guides patients through reduced and free medication options;
  • Refers patients to pertinent Cleveland-area social health resources.

Junior Clinician: pre-clinical medical or nursing student (M1, M2, MN1 or MN2)

  • Works in the clinical assessment team with the senior clinician to carry out: 
    • An initial assessment of the patient including a chart review (if a chart is available);
    • A focused history and 
    • A focused physical exam. 
  • The assessment team then presents their findings, their assessment and a tentative plan to the clinical preceptor (a licensed MD, DO, or NP);
  • Together with the clinical preceptor, the assessment team carries out a final evaluation of the patient and decide upon a definitive plan of care.

Senior Clinician: medical or nursing student with significant clinical experience (M3, M4 or MSN student)

  • Mentors the junior clinician throughout all aspects of the clinical assessment, as described above.


Become a Clinical Volunteer

How to Apply: First- and Second-year Students

If you are a first- or second-year student at the School of Medicine (M1 or M2) or School of Nursing Graduate Entry program (MN1 or MN2):

1. Complete an application.

  • Medical and nursing students must complete our short online application to volunteer at the Student-Run Free Clinic. The application for summer dates will be open from April 4 to April 11. There are no prerequisites in terms of volunteer experience. All first- and second-year medical and nursing students are encouraged to apply.

2. Attend two mandatory training sessions.

  • There will be two mandatory training sessions where students will be oriented to the organization and patient flow of our clinic. These training sessions are scheduled on a rolling basis after each application period (September, January and May/June). Trainees will include the basics of assessing vital signs, presenting patients and referring patients to pertinent social service organizations in Cleveland. It is mandatory that all first- and second-year medical and nursing students attend these training sessions.

3. Commit to at least one clinic session.

  • Students should attend at least one clinic session. First- and second-years will be assigned either a junior clinician or case manager role. Since students are the primary care providers in the clinic, it is essential to the mission of the clinic that students who have committed to a date are able to attend. A typical Saturday clinic session will run between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

How to Apply: Third- and Fourth-year Students

If you are a third- or fourth-year student in the School of Medicine (M3 or M4) or a student of any year enrolled in the School of Nursing MSN program:

1. Contact a volunteer coordinator.

  • M3/M4 and MSN students need not apply to become a volunteer. Simply contact one of our volunteer coordinators at to get more information.

2. Attend one mandatory training session.

  • Third- and fourth-year medical students are required to attend one mandatory training session that will focus on orienting volunteers to patient flow through the clinic.

3. Commit to at least one clinic session.

  • The third- and fourth-year students will be assigned a senior clinician role. They will be the primary student care provider to the patient and a mentor to junior student clinicians. It is essential that senior clinicians who have committed to a date are able to attend. A typical Saturday clinic session will run between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.