Randy Blackford

Senior Assistant Director for Multicultural Education and Outreach
Office of Multicultural Affairs

Where were you born and raised?
I was born in Chicago. I'm the third of 4 kids, and on the way to the hospital, my parents actually pulled over on Lake Shore Drive to watch the sunrise. We lived on the south side of Chicago for a few years, but I spend the majority of my childhood just over the border in Munster, IN (still Chicagoland for those who know).

When did you come to CWRU?
I started my position at CWRU in September 2008. 

What would you have told your college self?
Wow, if I knew then what I know now... Get out and get to know people who aren't like you - unfortunately I was what was then a typical white student and didn't have many friends who weren't white. I would encourage him to spend time thinking about culture and race and white supremacy and the implications of those on my and other lives.

What is one of your favorite unusual, out of the ordinary things to do?
I'm thrilled to live in Euclid, just across the street from Lake Erie. I love walking on the beach looking for beachglass, driftwood, or other items my wife and I use to make art.