Dream Fund

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Beginning January 16, 2024, under-resourced undergraduate students at Case Western Reserve University will have the opportunity to apply for a $2,000 award from the newly-created Dream Fund.

The Dream Fund is made possible by the commitment of a generous donor who believes strongly in providing the resources for students to broaden their access to co-curricular and extracurricular activities. 

How will this award help students achieve their dreams? The Dream Fund can be used to offset the costs of:

  • conference attendance
  • leadership development
  • studying abroad
  • living expenses related to internships
  • professional development
  • other experiential education opportunities and more

Applicants for this funding will be asked to submit an essay about how an award from the Dream Fund would help them achieve their dreams.

If chosen, award winners will also complete a 1:1 professional development coaching session to help put their Dream Fund plans in action, and award funds will be disbursed 4 weeks after application.

Questions about the Dream Fund can be emailed to dreamfund@case.edu.  

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