A Different Kind of Tech Sprint

When University Technology ([U]Tech) began transforming classrooms for the fall's hybrid teaching approach, they weren't only short on timethe surge of campuses doing the same made essential equipment scarce.

Fortunately staff members moved fastand also got lucky, beating one institution to a collection of microphones by just two days. Ultimately they adapted 100 spaces, including ballrooms, into high tech classrooms.

Picture of lectern devices and laptop set up in a classroom, behind acrylic glass PHOTO: Roger Mastroianni

This Nord Hall classroom was equipped with amplifying systems and several lectern devices to improve the in-person and remote course experience for students and faculty.

Getting the Job Done

Installation crews worked days, nights and weekends. A key [U]Tech solution allowed remote students to hear what in-person students said, and those in a classroom to hear remote students or faculty speaking from behind a mask and acrylic shield. Upgrades also included faster computers at lecterns and systems that effectively replace blackboards and whiteboards for educators who write as they talk. Now, as they write on iPads or on paper beneath a document camera, the content can stream to a large screen for in-class students and to the lectern computer for students on Zoom. Faculty also can use the iPads when teaching remotely.