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Our North Star

Case Western Reserve is
a high-impact research university
that aspires to be a community
where humanity, science and technology meet
to create a just and thriving world

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Our Pathways

Four pathways lead to our North Star and guide decision-making. While they can stand alone, they are more impactful as they intersect.

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Pathway 1: Ignite Interdisciplinarity

The problems facing our globe and society are multi-faceted and complex, demanding solutions that require learning and expertise falling outside the boundaries of higher education’s traditional structures.

Technology and a human hand.
Pathway 2: Integrate Humanity and Technology

From health-related inquiry to the social sciences and humanities, CWRU uses technology to deepen and enrich the disciplines, always keeping the human element at the center.

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Pathway 3: Achieve Social Impact

Social impact and the translation of knowledge is important to CWRU. To achieve a deeper impact, we must disseminate our research and teaching more widely beyond our campus, and we must embark on meaningful partnerships. 

Students walk in front of the Kelvin Smith Library.
Pathway 4: Shape the Agora

We believe in valuing how our campus, community and world treat and reflect one another. In a future where technology is a key driver, the need to focus on our human interactions is ever more necessary.