Pathway 4

Shape the Agora

We believe in valuing how our campus, community and world treat and reflect one another. In a future where technology is a key driver, the need to focus on our human interactions is ever more necessary. To achieve our best interactions, we must become a model of the community and citizen of the future, building bridges and breaking boundaries when necessary. In this activity, invoking the ancient Greek agora as a metaphor is useful. As it did in ancient times, agora encourages us to have dialogue and debate. We are invited to work together to tackle difficult issues. Redeployed for modern times, agora calls us to embrace our cultures, refine how we engage with each other, and concentrate on well-being and healthy growth. It means putting people at the center of our decisions and prioritizing diversity of thought, mind and background.

Our Goal

Goal: Build a respectful, diverse and effective university community.

Objectives Desired Outcomes Measures
4-1: Equitable

Become a model of a diverse, equitable, inclusive and welcoming campus culture for all
  • To create a strong sense of feeling valued and a high level of satisfaction with the campus culture among all constituent cohorts of the university community
  • To significantly increase the recruitment, retention and success among historically disenfranchised faculty, students and staff, particularly in disciplines in which there is underrepresentation
  • Increase the percentage of historically disenfranchised populations on campus, with a focus on both recruitment and retention
  • Increase retention rates of all students, faculty and staff
  • Increase staff/faculty/student satisfaction numbers in climate surveys
  • Increase in recruitment and retention of historically disenfranchised populations in STEM disciplines
  • Achieve 100% diversity training with both faculty and staff
4-2: Policies and

Strengthen our policies and practices, and ensure accountability for their implementation to sustain CWRU as a just and fair community that consistently puts our people first
  • To ensure a high level of mental and physical wellness among faculty, staff and students
  • To ensure university systems and policies are agile and effective
  • To ensure university procedures are practiced fairly and equitably
  • To ensure university incentive and reward structures are aligned with national best practices
  • Increase the satisfaction numbers in climate surveys
  • Earn “Best Work Place” designation in Northeast Ohio and Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Show positive tracking in CWRU Wellness Initiative indicators
4-3: Leadership
Provide all members of the campus community with opportunities to cultivate leadership and become contributing members of the agora
  • To ensure opportunities to enhance individual learning about leadership are embedded throughout the institution and open to all who wish to learn
  • To create meaningful formal and informal leadership and active engagement
  • Recognize outstanding contributors to CWRU, including “unsung heroes” and quiet leaders through annual leadership awards
  • Show people are comfortable “speaking up” in the agora through surveys, focus groups and direct feedback
  • Increase the percentage of historically disenfranchised populations in academic and administrative leadership positions