Cessation Resources and Apps

Along with resources specific to CWRU faculty, staff and students, many groups offer support for cessation.

Pacific Medical Training offer this informational Fact Sheet to help you be in the know when it comes to tobacco use.

Internet-Based Cessation Interventions

National Cancer Institute Programs for Becoming Smoke-free 
Offers live chat and phone calls with National Cancer Institute counselors. Provides information about the dangers of smoking as well as comprehensive list of quitting methods, including information about cost, side effects, and evidence-based effectiveness. Allows provides comprehensive discussion of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) use. Assists users in building a quit plan (setting a date, identifying triggers, removing reminders of smoking, reasons for quitting etc). Suggestions for smoking cessation apps. Gives resources for all stages of change (thinking of quitting, trying to quit, have already quit).

National Cancer Institute Live Chat
Offers evidence-based interventions through live chats with trained coaches. Provides links to and frequently asked questions about NCI’s chat lines for smoking cessation and cancer information.

Becoming an Ex
With the creation of an account, offers a free personalized and evidence-based quit plan using your reasons for quitting, triggers, cessation treatments, and aids. Information about managing stress while staying quit and managing relapses. Information about myths related to medication use and NRT.

American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society (ACS) offers a variety of guides and resources to facilitate quit efforts. To learn about available quit tools, call the ACS at 1.800.227.2345.

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC website offers a wide variety of resources associated with various aspects of quitting use.

Craving to Quit
Evidenced-based program that has been found to help smokers quit. Offers a mobile app to learn exercises to manage cravings, live video chat with addiction experts, online community support chat with current quitting smokers, and weekly video coaching.

Ohio Resources

Ohio Tobacco Quit Line - Free resources for Ohioans 18 and older.

My Life My Quit - Free resources for Ohioans under 18.

Informational Resources on Tobacco Use and Cessation

References and links about quitting plans, how to support those in a quit process, road blocks to quitting, therapies and medications. Provides links to current clinical trials and journal articles on smoking cessation.

Be Tobacco Free
Comprehensive evidence based information about tobacco (including smokeless and e-cigarettes), nicotine, and their  negative health effects. Suggestions for talking to your doctor about cessation and links to information about supporting those quitting. Links to for further cessation advice.

Healthy Cleveland
List of smoking cessation apps and cessation programs across Cleveland. Includes information on eating healthy, being active, and behavioral health resources. Provides evidenced based information about general health and wellness and offers links to other cessation services across Northeastern Ohio.

Apps to Support Quitting and Staying Quit









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