How to Quit: Cleveland Area Resources

Nicotine Anonymous

Attend a group meeting based on the 12 Step program to assist in smoking cessation. Contact Nicotine Anonymous to register for this free group program.

CVS Minute Clinic

At the Minute clinic, a nurse practitioner will assist you in creating a quit plan of those course of four 7 Minute Clinic visits. This could include NRT. Generally covered by insurance, participants would be responsible for a co-pay. Visit the CVS Minute Clinic for registration details.

American Lung Association Free From Smoking Clinics

The local ALA chapter offers a free series of eight group sessions which provide skills and support for those attempting to end tobacco use. (Must be 18 or older.) To learn more and sign up, visit the ALA Cleveland chapter website.

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University Hospitals - Tobacco Treatment Counseling Program

(216) 896-1810   

Cleveland Clinic - Smoking Cessation Program

(216) 444-8247

MetroHealth - Nicotine Dependence Prevention and Treatment Program

(216) 778-3031    

University Hospitals Glenville Wellness Center - Freedom From Smoking

10516 Orville, Ave., Cleveland                Contact:  Laura Lucchesi  (216) 896-1810

Cleveland Department of Public Health - Community Cessation Program

(216) 664-7104

Cleveland Community Clinics - Hispanic UMADAOP

3305 W. 25th, Cleveland           Intake:  (216) 777-3045   Email:

Friendly Inn Settlement - Moms Quit for Two

2386 Unwin Road, Cleveland                 (216) 431-7656     Email:

Neon Health Services, Inc.

Hough Health Center (Main)     

8300 Hough Ave., Cleveland          (216) 231-7700

Southeast Health Center

13301 Miles Ave., Cleveland           (216) 751-3100

Miles Broadway Health Center

9127 Miles Ave., Cleveland             (216) 325-6544

St. Clair Health Center

10505 St. Clair Ave., Suite 101, Cleveland           (216) 325-6556

Superior Health Center

12100 Superior Ave., Cleveland       (216) 851-2600

Collinwood Health Center

15322 St. Clair Ave., Cleveland        (216) 851-1500