Get to know our brand font.

Like color, consistent use of typography is extremely important for brand recognition. Properly chosen typography serves to enhance the overall look of communications and works in conjunction with the logo, images, color and language to reinforce a clear identity.

Titillium was carefully selected as the university typeface for all marketing communications. Titillium is an open-source typeface designed by a design consortium in Italy. Its unique, clean, modern look strengthens our brand personality as a university that is collaborative and forward thinking. This sans serif font has a variety of weights and works well for both body copy and headlines. Download it now, then install it to your computer.

When designing a print piece, no other font is needed. For the web, use Titillium whenever possible. A sans serif font such as Helvetica or Arial can be used in body copy if necessary. However, Titillium is now a Google Font and can easily be used on the web.

Titillium is released under the SIL Open Font License. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before downloading the Font.

Download the Font