Who We Are

Get to know the CWRU brand

Case Western Reserve is a leading national research university dedicated to improving people’s lives. 

From research that restores human function to education that emphasizes hands-on learning, our most significant contributions come from collaboration—within our campus, across the region and around the world.

Our roots date back nearly two centuries, and reflect a commitment to being ahead of our time.

In 1852, Nancy Talbot Clark became the second woman to graduate from a U.S. medical school. Within four years, six of the first eight female physicians in the U.S. came from our campus.

Also in the mid-1850s, Western Reserve College hosted Frederick Douglass for his first-ever commencement address. Nearly a century later, law alumnus Fred Gray represented Rosa Parks after she refused to surrender her seat on a Montgomery city bus.

Our history includes people who performed the first full-body X-ray and heart defibrillation… developed infant formula and helped discover insulin… founded the nation’s first computer engineering department… and created Gmail.

Our visual guidelines seek to help convey this innovative spirit. They are designed to advance the university under a strong, cohesive identity that benefits all members of this dynamic community.

So what is a brand?

A brand is an emotional connection people make with an organization. A brand includes many elements, both tangible and intangible, and emerges from what the institution says and does: its values and beliefs, the experiences it offers, and the messages it communicates, to name a few.

A strong brand inspires trust, loyalty and a sense of excellence. 

Case Western Reserve’s brand reflects our stature as a highly regarded research university with a long history of discovery: We are forward thinking. We imagine and influence the future. We don't accept the status quo. We go beyond it.

Everything we do should project and reinforce this positive image.

Understanding our brand, as well as adherence to visual, editorial and logo guidelines are crucial to the success of a strong university identity.

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