Erman Ayday, PhD, MS, BS

Associate Professor
Computer and Data Sciences Department
Case School of Engineering

Research Information

Research Interests

  • Privacy enhancing technologies (including online social networks and genomic privacy).
  • Data security and applied cryptography.
  • Big data analytics and statistical inference from big data.
  • Iterative algorithms for trust and reputation management.
  • Trust and reputation management for ad-hoc networks and online services.
  • Information retrieval and recommender systems.
  • Data Privacy, authentication and availability for wireless sensor networks.
  • Game theory for wireless networks.
  • Cyber security for Smart Grid, Delay tolerant, and M2M networks.


H.I. Ozercan, A.M. Ileri, E. Ayday, C. Alkan, “Realizing the potential of blockchain technologies in genomics”, Genome Research, 28 (9), 2019

N. Thenen, E. Ayday, and E. Cicek. “Re-Identification of Individuals in Genomic Data-Sharing Beacons using High-Order Markov Chains”, Bioinformatics, 2018.

X. Zhu, E. Ayday, and R. Vitenberg. “A privacy-preserving framework for outsourcing location-based services to the cloud”, IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing 2019

M. Namazi, C. Eryonucu, E. Ayday, F. Pérez-González, “Dynamic attribute-based privacy-preserving genomic susceptibility testing”, Proceedings of the 34th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing, 2019.

C. Eryonucu, E. Ayday, E. Zeydan, “A Demonstration of Privacy-Preserving Aggregate Queries for Optimal Location Selection”, IEEE 19th International Symposium on "A World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks", 2018.

J. Choi, V. Zhao, D. Demirag, J. Clark, M. Mannan, E. Ayday, and K. Butler. “One Time Programming Made Practical,” in proceedings of Financial Cryptography 2019.


Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
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Middle East Technical University