Digital Futures Conference 2019

Case Western Reserve University and Innovation Research Interchange partnered in 2019 to host an annual conference to bring together practitioners and researchers to further knowledge and understanding of digital transformation. The inaugural Digital Futures conference was held Oct. 14-16 on the campus of CWRU and showcased organizations that have had success on their digital transformation journey. In every account, the conference was a huge success with close to 200 registrants.

xLab is grateful to the impressive panel of speakers who shared their expertise and experiences and are committed to helping organizations learn and deploy the Digital First Framework outlined by Dr. Youngjin Yoo in his keynote address. As your organization continues on its digital transformation journey, xLab will share key highlights from the conference. Sharing experiences and learning from each other will continue to be essential to navigating the new digital landscape.

View presentations from the 2019 conference: