Supervisor's Employment Toolkit

This area is provided as a resource for supervisors looking to fill staff vacancies. The Employment office is developing a variety of helpful materials regarding the employment process. We will post those materials here as they become available.


Procedure Manuals for Creating a Job Opening and Managing Applicants

Instruction Manuals and Frequently Asked Questions Description
Create a Job Requisition How a hiring manager can create and submit a requisition to create a job posting
Job Requisition Approval Explains how an individual assigned to review a job requisition can view it and approve or deny it
Candidate Assessment Form This is a form to assist with the assessment of potential candidates
Candidate Interview Evaluation Form This is a form to assist with rating potential candidates interview.
Compentency Interview Questions This is shows example questions to assist with rating an applicants compentency.
Manage Applicants This is a form to assist with managing applicants.
Interview Questions Appropriate and Inappropriate This shows examples of appropriate and inappropriate interview questions.
Reference Check Form This is a form to assist with checking an applicants references.