Evaluating Staff During Orientation

Strong work relationships are built through open communication and start during orientation.

  • Staff (newly hired and internal transfers) are in Orientation for three months. During orientation, staff cannot use sick or vacation time unless preapproved at the time of hire. Any time the employee is off work (i.e. holidays, Winter Recess, unpaid time off, etc.) will be added to the end of the orientation period.

  • Read the Employment Orientation Period Policy and Employment Orientation Period Procedure.

  • Download and complete the Orientation Review Form (done at 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months). Return the Orientation Review Form to the Records Office at HRRecords@case.edu.

    • If you need to extend an employee's orientation, contact Employee Relations at askHR@case.edu at least two weeks before the orientation period ends.