CWRU Joins National Pledge to Double Number of Students Who Study Abroad

Case Western Reserve University is pleased to join the Institute for International Education’s (IIE) Generation Study Abroad Commitment initiative by pledging to more than double the number of CWRU undergraduate students who participate in study abroad experiences by 2019.
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Currently, only about 10% of undergraduate students in the U.S. study abroad. Realizing this national commitment would result in over 600,000 American university students studying abroad by the end of the decade. IIE is looking for at least 500 American universities to join the initiative with CWRU and has presently secured more than 150 university participants -- eight in Ohio.

In the 2011/2012 academic year, 24% of CWRU’s undergraduate student population participated in a study abroad program. This is well above the national average; nonetheless, CWRU has pledged to increase this number to 50% and has outlined strategic efforts to reach this goal, including creating an endowment with a specific objective of awarding $100,000 in study abroad scholarships each year. In addition, the university is also reaching out more to individual departments, meeting with them to map out course plans that can show students how they can study abroad and still fulfill their major. Marketing efforts and collaboration with student groups have also been amplified. Molly Watkins, Executive Director for International Affairs, was interviewed by InsideHigherEducation and talks to the goals in more detail.

This commitment to more deeply incorporate study abroad into the culture of CWRU affects all levels of the university, from central administration to academic departments to individual students and alumni. Continuing to develop a culture of global citizenship is a priority for CWRU and departments and faculty members interested in developing this further are encouraged to contact Molly Watkins at the Center for International Affairs.

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Center for International Affairs: 2014 Faculty Seed Grant Awards

The Center for International Affairs has provided nearly $100,000 to fund 15 different projects since starting the Faculty Seed Grand program in 2012 and is proud to highlight the 2014 awardees and their efforts to develop and progress sustainable initiatives to enhance internationalization at CWRU: Read more.

Kurt Rhoads and Nicole Deming
Civil Engineering & Department of Bioethics
Project Title: Water Quality, Engineering, Bioethics and Health in Costa Rica

Peter Bennett
Project Title: Collaboration with Center for Advanced Renaissance Studies (CESR), Tours, and Center for Baroque Music (CMBV), Versailles, France

Elizabeth Madigan
Additional Faculty/Staff Involved: Kimberly Edwards, Nursing
Project Title: Development of English Language BSN in Hungary

Janet McGrath, Andrew Rollins, and Jill Korbin
Anthropology, Biomedical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering
Additional Faculty/Staff Involved: David Kaawa‐Mafigiri, Makerere University - Uganda
Project Title: Proposed new course: Interdisciplinary Solutions to Global Health Issues

Neena Singh
Pathology, School of Medicine
Project Title: Teaching and research partnerships between CWRU and premier educational Institutes in India and Brazil

Charles Rosenblatt
Physics and Macromolecular Science
Additional Faculty/Staff Involved: Idit Zehavi, Astronomy & Glenn Starkman, Physics
Project Title: Exchange and Collaboration between CWRU and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

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Matthew G. Hively

Study Abroad Institution: University of Manchester
Major: Chemical Engineering
Graduation Year: 2016
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