International Student Resources & Engagement

A group of international students of various genders and ethnicities pose together at an event

International Student Resources & Engagement helps to provide resources to support international students' transition to and engagement at Case Western Reserve University. The office collaborates with other university departments and external partners to enhance international students' experiences at CWRU and to support the ongoing promotion of global citizenship.

Helping Make CWRU Your Home

As an international student at Case Western Reserve University, we want to ensure you have a quality educational experience—and that our university community learns and benefits from you and your cultural experiences.

We can assist you with:

  • Intercultural exchange opportunities
  • Connecting to CWRU resources
  • Understanding the social and academic culture at CWRU and in the U.S.

Important Advising Information

VISA staff members have adjusted services to ensure the continued support of students.

Appointment requests should be emailed to and include a brief description of what you would like to discuss.  A staff member will respond by email to schedule the appointment and you will have the option to meet via Zoom or phone. Please note: we generally require 24 hours notice and do not schedule same-day appointments.  This is so we can be best prepared to help you.

Visit our VISA office site for more information