Photo Made Simple

You can use your own photo or have it taken at Access Services, Crawford Hall, Room 18 for staff, faculty, contractors, temporary workers and other partners.  Students can have their photos taken at the Student Access Services Center at the Tinkham Veale University Center.

Access Services produces, maintains, and controls the usage of the CaseOneCard which intersects with campus security, meal cards, and the freedom to go cash-less with “Case Cash”.

- The CaseOneCard is an individual’s official identification card. It is a person’s access to everything.

- For students, this includes getting into your residence hall and other university facilities, checking out books at the library or paying for textbooks at the campus bookstore, buying discounted movie and attraction tickets, making photocopies at university copiers, grabbing a Pepsi® or a snack from a vending machine, accessing the Tinkham Veale University Center, eating at the Dining Halls or even at area restaurants. It's the Way to Pay for everything you need, on or off campus.   

Campus Security

All faculty, staff, and students must have a CaseOneCard.  Contractors, temporary employees, outside vendors, and Case affiliates are required to obtain a Case ID if they will be on campus for more than 30 days. This card serves as official identification, and provides access to buildings, certain parking structures, and several places located within University Circle.

Meal Plans

Case students use their Case ID as a meal card at the campus dining halls. Our office is responsible for making sure that student cards allow them to access their meal plans as well as their “CaseCash”. 

However, specific questions regarding meal plans (balances, resets, swipes, guest meal passes, and rates) should be referred to Auxiliary Services.

The university believes that social interaction and engagement are the cornerstone of a successful academic career. With that in mind, all first and second year students living on campus are required to participate in a meal plan.  More info about meal plans.


Any eligible student, faculty member, or employee with a Case ID card may deposit money into a “CaseCash” account.  CaseCash is a declining balance tender loaded on your CaseOneCard. It may be used at a variety of food and non-food locations both on and off campus, including the University Bookstore. $1 in CaseCash equals $1 of purchasing power.

The cardholder may then use their ID card as a debit card.  All campus eateries and the campus bookstore accept CaseCash as a form of payment.  Off campus vendors who accept CaseCash are listed on the website,

Students also receive CaseCash as a part of their meal plans. The CaseCash included with a meal plan is deposited into the student’s account at the beginning of each semester.  For more information about how students can use their CaseCash, visit:

CASECHARGE—Employees may choose to use their ID card to charge items, & food to their paycheck.  CaseCharge is used like CaseCash on a student’s card.  Full-time employees have a limit of $250.00.  Part-time employees can charge up to $125.00.