Photo Made Simple

You can use your own photo or have it taken at Access Services, Crawford Hall, Room 18.

Card Access, CaseCash, and Mealplan



Holders must have their CaseOneCard/ID card with them at all times while on campus. It must be kept safe and in good condition. It is illegal to lend the card to anyone else.

The CaseOneCard ID has three pieces of technology:

  • Proximity chip (Building access for dorms and academic)
  • Thin magstripe (PNC banking relationship)
  • Thick magstripe (Meal plans, CaseCash, and standalone card access)

In addition, the card offers the ability to receive discounted tickets to a large number of sporting events, performing art events, museums, movies and more.

Card Maintenance

To ensure the life of your ID card

  • Do not punch holes, bend it excessively, or use it for unintended purposes.
  • Do not allow the magnetic stripe on your ID card to be scratched by keys, change, or other objects.
  • Do not put your ID card on stereo equipment, computers, or near any magnetic fields.
  • Keep your card on a lanyard, in a protective card sleeve or wallet.
  • Keep your ID card out of direct sunlight and away from other heat sources such as clothes dryer.
  • Stickers on ID Cards are strongly discouraged due to their interference when swiping the magstripes on the back of the card.