Meal Plan Information

More to Know
  1. A meal "swipe" can be redeemed at a Dining Services location or  for a "meal swipe special" at participating retail locations up to 3 times a week.
  2. All-you-care-to-eat in the Dining Commons cost one meal swipe.
  3. Meal swipes and your CaseOneCard are non-transferable.
Meal Plan Options

Meal plan options are offered by week and by semester.

Meal Plan Exemptions

Meal plan exemptions are rare, but available.

The university believes that social interaction and engagement are the cornerstone of a successful academic career. With that in mind, all first and second year students living on campus are required to participate in a meal plan. 

There are two types of meal swipe plans available at CWRU, the Weekly Meal Plans and the Unlimited Plan. Meal plan selections are made in the Fall Semester and will automatically roll-over to the following Spring Semester. You must make your meal plan selection and may change your meal plan selection, at the MyHousing website, as often as you like but changes will only be accepted through the first week of classes, and all selections made as of that Friday at 5:00PM will be final.  These plans may come with a CaseCash amounts included as part of the plan and these amounts are for the whole semester and do not re-set. Any unused CaseCash is carried forward to the next semester.

The Weekly Meal Plan options (e.g. 17 Classic , Apartment 7/5 option) have a defined number of meal swipes per week and a limit of 4 meal swipes per day. The cashier at the ‘all you care to eat’  Dining Commons will ‘swipe’ your CaseOneCard through a register which will automatically deduct one meal swipe from your meal plan account. Don’t want to walk back to the Dining Commons while on the Case Quad for classes? You can also use a meal swipe to get a grab-n-go lunch from the “Grab-it” facility in Sears or the "Bag-It" in the Thwing atrium.  And all plans come with a set number of portable swipes that can be used at our onsite retail locations around campus. It is important to note that some locations have a daily or weekly swipe limit, if you are unsure just ask!

If you do not use all of your meal swipes in a week, unused meals will expire on Saturday night - they do not carry over from week to week and are non-refundable. Your meal plan account resets every Sunday morning at 2:00AM to the number of meals included with your chosen meal plan. 

The Unlimited Plan. The Unlimited Meal Plans have no daily, weekly or semester limit on regular meal swipes and meals may be used at your convenience throughout the semester. They can be used at any meal swipe location, but are still subject to the location and portable swipe use limits. The Unlimited Meal Plans do not carry over from semester to semester.

Additional Meal Plan Information

Your meal plan is a contract between you and the University and may only be used by you and can not be shared. Meal plans are non-transferable; however you may use your CaseCash to purchase a meal for anyone you wish as long as you accompany them. Guest Meals are allocated to each meal plan and can be used at the dining commons as long as they guest is accompanied by the meal plan holder at all times. Guest meals can not be used in the absence of the meal plan holder, or by other parties. Meals are not permitted to be carried out of the Dining Commons without use of a to-go meal swipe.

Meal Plan Choices for Academic Year 2024-2025

Meal plan participation is mandatory for all first and second year students. The board calendar is based on the University's undergraduate academic calendar. During scheduled breaks there is reduced or no dining options offered in the residential dining commons. Meal plans contain CaseCash which is intended to supplement and support the plan and can be used at various retail locations. Schedules of operating hours are posted online at

Upper class students are able to chose whichever [plan best serves their needs. The initial meal plan is selected on the housing website ( and rolls over automatically from Fall to Spring semester of the academic year. Not all plans are available to all students.

Meal Plan Changes and Cancellations

Students can add or make changes to their selected meal plans online through the MyHousing App. Changes and Cancellations, if eligible, can be made through 5:00PM on the first Friday of Classes each semester.

Once the deadline has past, only students withdrawing from the university may cancel their plans.

Meal Plan important dates can be found listed on the Housing & Board Calendar.

Canceling your meal plan will result in all charges being calculated and prorated based on meal plan chosen at a daily rate for each day you are on the plan.  Refunds will not be made after week 10 of the semester.

For specific questions regarding the meal plans, and how they work, please contact the Dining Services Office at 216-368-5844, or email