"...the grant allowed me to pay a graduate student half a salary, so I could keep the work in the lab going and spend time with my newborn without having to take a break professionally...and contributed to my ability to publish 2 articles in a timely manner, and 3 others that are in review. I have presented these papers at conferences, which have made possible broader professional exposure".

"The Opportunity grant had a significant impact. It allowed us to go into a new direction...which I would not have been able to do otherwise..our research now has broader meaning because of the grant. Two papers have resulted from this research so far, but several more are anticipated."

"The ACES grant had a big impact on my research because I could hire part time students to help me with my data gathering. This way I was able to involve 12 research sites in my study, making it very robust once it is completed."

"...the grant made possible an invitation of a distinguished speaker. She came to give a talk at our campus, and we are now collaborating on a paper."

"I used [it] to go to a conference... in Berlin, where I presented a paper and met other faculty who...followed my research...I was so happy to find I am not working in a vacuum, and to see that other researchers valued my work. I developed two potential collaborations... and...my most recent paper has been accepted for publication in a British journal."

"The ACES grant ...has allowed me to help organize and attend an important small conference in my field. Because of this conference, I am now an associate editor on a monograph. With this came increased visibility, and when I came up for my tenure review, my taking leadership to organize that conference was looked upon very favorably."

"The ACES grant support was coming just at a critical moment because funding from NIH was under review and it ... allowed me to continue collecting data, which otherwise would not have been possible. I will have a paper to publish within a few weeks because of it."