A History of

Modern Tibet Vol. 2

Chinese Edition



A History of Modern Tibet, Volume 2

Hong Kong University Press, 2014

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The TIBETAN ORAL HISTORY ARCHIVE PROJECT has just been transferred to the Library of Congress, Asian Division as a Web Archive. This is its permanent home. The site currently includes six installments of interviews.

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NEW!! A History of

Modern Tibet, Volume 4

In the Eye of the Storm



Nomads of
Western Tibet:

The Survival of a
Way of Life



University of California Press, 1990
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A History of

Modern Tibet, Volume 2

1951-1955: The Calm Before the Storm.


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Paperback edition
University of California Press, 2009

A History of

Modern Tibet, Volume 1

1913-1951: The Demise of the Lamaist State

University of California Press, 1989

Reviews of Volume 1:

AAS Levenson Book Prize

Vol. 1 Tibetan Edition:


stod cha / smad cha


Find it at Songtsen Library


Vol. 1 Chinese Edition



China Tibetology Publishing House, Beijing, 2015



A History of

Modern Tibet, Volume 3

1955-1957: The Storm Clouds Descend

University of California Press, 2014

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Reviews of Volume 3:

1.Benno Ryan Weiner, The Journal of Asian Studies, 2015

2. Jonathan Mirsky, Tibet Resists, The New York Review of Books, July 10, 2014.


Vol. 3 Chinese Edition

Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2019



Tibetan Nomads

Tibetan History, Society

& Politics

Tibetan Demography,

Marriage & Family

Books and Articles
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Change, Development and Modernization in Rural Tibet

    Books, chapters and Articles (New

    article(s) added 10-8-2019)

A Tibetan Revolutionary...




In Chinese:

Hong Kong University Press, 2010

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Professor Tsering Shakya's Review in Chinese and English.

In Tibetan:

    Bod mi gsar brje ba zhig:

   ‘ba’pa phun tshogs dbang

   rgyal gyi srid don mi tshad 

   dang dus skabs (A

   Tibetan Revolutionary).

   Dharamsala, TIBET TIMES


  In Korean

   Seoul: Silcheon Munhak   

   Publishers, 2009.


Monks, Monasteries,

& Religion

Papers and Photographs of Tibetan Monks, Monasteries and Religion 

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On-Going Projects

Tibet Rural Modernization and Change Project-Under construction

Nomads of Western Tibet Project


High Altitude Adaptation (Hypoxia)

Environment, Climate, Flora, and Fauna

Articles, Reports, etc. (New article(s) added 9-6-2012)

2 short films on GLOBAL WARMING "On Thinner Ice"  and "The Melt"

NEW! 30 June 2011: Glacial Lake Outburst Flood in Limi, Humla dist. N.W. Nepal

Reference Materials