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Flora, Fauna, and the Environment

Black-neck Crane on the Changtang in Phala

Anderson, D.; Salick, J.; Moseley, R.; and Xiaokun, Ou

Conserving the Sacred Medicine Mountains: A Vegetation Analysis of Tibetan Sacred Sites inNorthwest Yunnan  (.pdf)
     [Global Change Biology 11(9): 1440-1451]

Biodiversity of the Hengduan Mountains Region, China

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Chen, Shenbin; Liu, Yunfang; and Axel, Thomas

Climate Change on the Tibetan Plateau: Potential Evapotranspiration Trends from 1961-2000  (.pdf)
[Publishing Info to follow.] 

Cheng, Guodong and Wu, Tonghua

Responses of Permafrost to Climate Change and their Environmental Significance, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau  (.pdf)
[Journal of Geophysical Research, 112: 2007.] 

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Sensitivity of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to Seasonal and Interannual Climate Conditions in the Lhasa Area, Tibetan Plateau, China 
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Climate Change: The Long-Range Forecast
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Mutual Influence Between Human Activities and Climate Change in the Tibetan Plateau During Recent Years.   (.pdf)
[Global and Planetary Change 41 (2004) 241–249]

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Biodiversity Protection and the Search for Sustainability in Tibetan Plateau Grasslands.
[PhD dissertation. Arizona State University, Tempe, USA. 397pp. 2000] 

Building New Partnerships for Conservation and Sustainable Development in the Tibetan Plateau Region: Recent Experiences in the Yangtze River Headwaters. (.pdf)
[Plenary paper: First International Conference on Environment & Development in West China, May 2004]


Highland Encounters: Building New Partnerships for Conservation and Sustainable Development in the Yangtze River Headwaters, heart of the Tibetan Plateau. (.pdf)
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Climate Change and Variability Using European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts Reanalysis (ERA-40) Temperatures on the Tibetan Plateau
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Holocene Environmental Changes in Bangong Co Basin (Western Tibet). Part 4: Discussion and Conclusions. (,pdf)
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Grazing Intensity Impacts on Carbon Sequestration in an Alpine Meadow on the Eastern Tibet Plateau
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Assessment of the Condition of High Altitude Pastures in South Tibet
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Johnson, Douglas; Holzworth, Larry; and Miller, Daniel

Plant Germplasm Collection Report   (.pdf)
   [Citation to Follow]

Klein, Julia A.; Harte, J.; and Zhao, X.Q.

Dynamic and Complex Microclimate Responses to Warming and Grazing Manipulations
   [Global Change Biology 11(9): 1440-1451]

Law, Wayne; Salick, Jan

Comparing Conservation Priorities for Useful Plants Among Botonists and Tibetan Doctors  (.pdf)
[Biodivers Conserv  DOI 10.1007/s10531-006-9057-2, April 2006]

Human-induced Dwarfing of Himalayan Snow Lotus, Saussurea laniceps (Asteraceae) (.pdf)
[PNAS 2005; 102;10218-10220,  July 2005]

Li, X.R.; Jia, X.H.; and Dong, G.R.

Influence of Desertification on Vegetation Pattern Variations in the Cold Semi-Arid Grasslands on
   Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Northwest China
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Liu, Jianguo and Diamond, Jared

China's Environment in a Globalizing World  (.pdf)
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Lu, Qingshui and Zhao, Zhiping

Eco-immigration Policy for the Degraded Rangeland and Responses of Herd Family in the Source Region of Yellow River - Case Study Based on Household Investigation in Maduo County  (.pdf)
[Progress in Geography. Vol. 27 No. 3. May 2008]

Meihe, Georg; Miehe, Sabine; Vogel, Jonas; Co, Sonam; and Duo, La

Highest Treeline in the Northern Hemishpere Found in Southern Tibet  (.pdf)
[Mountain Research and Development, Vol. 27, No. 2., May 2007, pp.169-173]

Miller, Daniel

New Views of the Tibetan Plateau  (.pdf)
   [Citation to Follow]

   Searching for Grass and Water: Rangeland Ecosystem Sustainability and Climate Change on the
   TIbetan Plateau  

[Citation to Follow]

   Initiatives: New Views of the Tibetan Plateau and Himalaya for Conserving Biodiversity  (.pdf)

[Mountain Forum Bulletin July 2009, p56-58]

   The Tibetan Steppe   (.pdf)

[Grasslands of the World, Chapter 8; p305-342]

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Modeling the Active-Layer Depth over the Tibetan Plateau  (.pdf)
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Height Dependence of the Tendency for Reduction in Seasonal Snow Cover in the Himalaya and
   Tibetan Plateau Region, 1966-2001
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Tibetan Land Use and Change Near Khawa Karpo, Eastern Himalayas (.pdf)
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Tibetan Medicine Plurality (.pdf)
[Economic Botany 60(3):227–253, 2006]

Salick, J.; Amend, A.;Anderson, D.; Hoffmeister, K.; Gunn, B.;and Zhendong, F.

Tibetan Sacred Sites Conserve Old Growth Trees and Cover in Eastern Himalayas
   [Global Change Biology 11(9): 1440-1451]

Schaller, George B.; Binyuan, Gu

Ungulates in Northwest Tibet (.pdf)

[National Geographic Research & Exploration. 10(3): 266-293. 1994.]

Shang, Zhanhuan and Long, Ruijun

Formation Causes and Recovery of the "Black Soil Type" Degraded Alpine Grassland in Qinghai-
   Tibetan Plateau

   [Front. Agric. China, 1(2): 197–202. 2007]

Shaoling, Wang; Huijun, Jin; Shuxun, Li; and Lin, Zhao

   Permafrost Degradation on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and its Environmental Impacts

   [Permafrost Periglac. Process. 11: 43-53 (2000)]

Smith, Andrew and Foggin, J.M.

   The Plateau Pika (Ochotona curzoniae) is a Keystone Species for Biodiversity on the Tibetan Plateau

   [Animal Conservation (1999) 2, 235–240. 1999]

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   Influences of Alpine Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change on Soil Properties on the Qinghai
   -Tibetan Plateau, China
  [Catena 70 (2007) 506–514]

Wang, Genxu; Li, Yuanshou; Hu, Hongchang; and Wang, Yibo

   Synergistic Effect of Vegetation and Air Temperature Changes on Soil Water Content In Alpine Frost
   Meadow Soil in the Permafrost Region of Qinghai-Tibet 
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Wang, Hui; Zhou, Xiaolei; Wan, Changgui; Fu, Hua; Zhang, Feng; and Ren, Jizhou

   Eco-Environmental Degradation in the Northeastern Margin of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and
   Comprehensive Ecological Protection Planning

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   Land Use Change and its Driving Forces on the Tibetan Plateau During 1990-2000

   [Catena 72 (2008) 56–66]

Winkler, Daniel.

Yartsa Gunbu (Cordyceps sinensis) and the Fungal Commodification of Tibet's Rural Economy
[Economic Botany. 62 (3), November 2008]

The Return of the Cuckoo or Morels in Tibet.
[Mushroom - The Journal of Wild Mushrooming. 87, vol 25.4:5-8]

Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Sacc: Economy, Ecology & Ethno-mycology of Yartsa Gunbu, a Medicinal Fungus Endemic to the Tibetan Plateau [Abstract of Presentation]
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Yartsa Gunbu - Cordyceps sinensis. Economy, Ecology & Ethno-mycology of a Fungus Endemic to the Tibetan Plateau
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Matsutake Mycelium Under Attack in Southwest China. How the Mushrooming Trade Mines it's Resorce and How to Achieve Sustainability
[draft, 2004]

Forest Use and Implications of the 1998 Logging Ban in the Tibetan Prefectures of Sichuan: Case Study on Forestry, Reforestation and NTFP in Litang County, Ganzi TAP, China.
[The Ecological Basis and Sustainable Management of Forest Resources (eds. Z. Jiang, M. Centritto, S. Liu, and S. Zhang). Informatore Botanico Italiano 35 (Supplemento 2), 116-125]

Participation in Forestry in Tibetan Southwest China. A Strategy to Resolve Resource Use Conflicts.
[slightly abbreviated version, Mountain Research and Development. 22.4: 397-399]

Major Threats to Tibetan Forest Ecosystems and Strategies for Forest Biodiversity Conservation
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Patterns of Forest Distribution and the Impact of Fire and Pastoralism in the Forest Region of the Tibetan Plateau
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Forestry, Floods, and Hydroelectricity - China's National Natural Forest Protection Project and it's Impact on Tibetan Areas
[Sinosphere Volume 3, Issue 2, published at

Deforestation in Eastern Tibet: Human Impact - Past and Present
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The Mushrooming Fungi Market in Tibet Exemplified by Cordyceps sinensis and Tricholoma matsutake (.pdf)

[JIATS (Journal of the International Association of Tibet Studies). Special Issue. Guest eds. Ken Bauer, Geoff Childs, Andrew Fischer, and Daniel Winkler. "In the Shadow of the Leaping Dragon: Demography, Development, and the Environment in Tibetan Areas." Issue 4. December 2008]

Worthy, F.R. and Foggin, J.M.

Conflicts Between Local Villages and Tibetan Brown Bears (Ursus arctos) Threaten Conservation of Bears in a Remote Region of the Tibetan Plateau. (.pdf)
[Human-Wildlife Conflicts. 2(2): 200-205.]

Wu, Qingbai; Dong, Xianfu; Liu, Yongzhi; and Jin, Huijun

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Xin, Hao

China's Environmental Challenges: A Green Fervor Sweeps the Tibetan Plateau  (.pdf)
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Xu, Weixin and Liu, Xiaodong

Response of Vegetation in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to Global Warming  (.pdf)
   [Chinese Geographical Science 2007 17(2) 151–159]

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Desertification and its Relationship with Permafrost Degradation in Qinghai-Xizang (Tibet) Plateau 
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Yang, Wei; Yao, TanDong; Xu, BaiQing; Wu, GuangJian and Xin, XiaoDong

Quick Ice Mass Loss and Abrupt Retreat of the Maritime Glaciers in the Kangri Karpo Mountains,  
   Southeast Tibetan Plateau 
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Yao, Tandong; Pu, Jianchen; Lu, Anxin; Wang, Youqing; and Yu, Wusheng

Recent Glacial Retreat and its Impact on Hydrological Processes on the Tibetan Plateau, China, and
   Surrounding Regions 
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Land Cover Change and its Environmental Impact in the Upper Reaches of the Yellow River,
   Northeast Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau 
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Evaluation of Grassland Dynamics in the Northern-Tibet Plateau of China Using Remote Sensing
   and Climate Data  
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Zhang, Tingjun

Perspectives on Environmental Study of Response to Climatic and Land Cover/Land Use Change
   Over the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau: An Introduction 
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Burrowing Rodents as Ecosystem Engineers: The Ecology and Management of Plateau Zokers
   Myospalax fontanierii in Alpine Meadow Ecosystems on the Tibetan Plateau
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Tibtetan Alpine Tundra Responses to Simulated Changes in Climate: Aboveground Biomass and
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   Plateau, China 
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A Review of Rangeland Privatization and its Implications in the Tibetan Plateau, China  (.pdf)
   [Nomadic Peoples NS (2005) VOLUME 9 ISSUES 1 & 2]