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Dr. Goldstein is a social anthropologist specializing in Tibetan society, history, and contemporary politics as well as in anthropology and history, cross-cultural gerontology, population studies,  polyandry, cultural ecology and economic development/change. He has conducted research in Tibet (Tibet Autonomous Region of China) on a range of topics including nomadic pastoralism, the impact of reforms on rural Tibet, family planning and fertility, modern Tibetan history, and socio-economic change. His has also conducted research in India (with Tibetan refugees in Bylekuppe), in northwest Nepal (with a Tibetan border community in Limi), in western Mongolia (with a nomadic pastoral community in Hovd province) and in inland China (with Han Chinese on modernization and the elderly).

Dr. Goldstein's current projects include: an oral history of Tibet , a multi-volume history of modern Tibet, the history of the Nyemo incident in 1969, and a longitudinal study of the impact of China's reform policies on rural Tibet (nomads and farmers). A new 3-year NSF study investigating modernization and changing patterns of intergenerational relations in rural Tibet began fieldwork in 2005. For more information on the Tibet Oral History Project see: Tibet Oral History and Archive Project.

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