Cleveland Humanities Festival

The Cleveland Humanities Festival is a collaborative event celebrating the great cultural institutions of the city of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio dedicated to humanistic inquiry. The festival engages the public in addressing some of society’s most challenging issues and pressing concerns. Coordinated by the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities of Case Western Reserve University, the festival partners with our region’s major museums, educational institutions, and arts organizations.

The 2021 Cleveland Humanities Festival on “Identity” offered public programming which explored this theme from a variety of humanistic perspectives. It addressed basic questions about why identity matters, especially in a world reshaped by pandemic and economic distress. The question of how we identify ourselves, always important, took on added significance now. What matters most to a person’s identity: race and ethnicity, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, or something else? And what matters most now to our collective identity as a society? 

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