Special Projects Grant

Maximum Award: $5,000

The center offers support for research and critical inquiry in the arts and humanities through special projects organized by faculty either individually or in collaboration with others, including members of educational and cultural institutions external to Case Western Reserve University. Examples of supported projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Thematic Seminars organized on the semester model with a targeted question or theme, typically incorporating an interdisciplinary approach and including participants from University Circle or other regional institutions. The seminar would typically include at least one public event (e.g., a guest speaker, performance, academic symposium, public reading) which would be included in the Baker-Nord Center calendar. Seminars can build on or incorporate BNC’s fall thematic programming or CHF programming.

  • Research Working Groups consisting of faculty and students, undergraduate or graduate, from Case Western Reserve University, focusing on a targeted issue.

  • Collaborative Partnerships: Collaborative Partnerships involve either a group of three or more scholars or project-based partnerships between scholars and community partners, which may incorporate students as scholarly investigators.  Each team's focus will revolve around a topic grounds in humanities inquiry, ensuring the representation of at least two disciplines.  The program is designed to facilitate faculty members working on projects that intersect in subject matter and yield interconnected research outputs.  Although it is necessary to have a substantial humanities presence within the team, scholars from diverse disciplines are actively welcomed to participate.

  • Collaborative Reading and Writing Groups on a particular project or theme. The grant may be used to defray the costs of materials, speakers, or other expenses directly related to the success of the project.

  • Exploratory Grant Conveners: The grant can provide resources to bring together small groups of faculty to make progress on applying for an external grant (e.g. "The Imagining Freedom" grant from The Mellon Foundation).

  • Academic symposia that address issues of topical interest to the University and the community. 

  • Visiting Scholars who will address topics of broad interest across the humanities or the College as a whole.

  • The BNC is particularly interested in Special Project proposals that engage the following areas of scholarly and creative inquiry:

               - Speculation the Speculative and (see Fall 2023 theme)

               - Intersectional Humanities

               - Global Afrofuturism(s)

               - Race, Social Justice and Digital Humanities

               - Decolonial Methods, Approaches, and Practices

               - Embodiment and Contemplative Practices

               - Critical Health Studies

Funds should be expended during the Spring 2024, Fall 2024, and Spring 2025 semesters.  Grants cannot be used to support CWRU participant stipends or discretionary accounts, nor can they be used to support recurring events such as departmental colloquia.  Examples of supported expenses include, but are not limited to: research or technical assistance; materials, equipment, supplies; space rental; reception expenses; publicity; honorarium and travel expenses for visitors.


Funds are available to full-time faculty in the arts and humanities within the College of Arts and Sciences including lecturers and instructors. Joint applications are encouraged.

Application Deadlines:

Applications are due by 5:00 pm on the dates indicated.

Fall 2024 Semester - April 5, 2024

Spring 2025 Semester - October 25, 2024

Policies and Expectations:

  • All awardees will be required to collaborate with the Baker-Nord staff in publicizing their project to the Case Western Reserve University community through the website and other relevant outlets.
  • Resulting publications and presentations should acknowledge the support of the Baker-Nord Center.  Please submit links to scholarly and/or creative products that result from funding.
  • Funds are available as reimbursement through the convener’s home department upon submission of appropriate documentation.
  • Within one month of the completion of the project, recipients are required to submit the online FINAL REPORT summarizing the project and describing its impact. Some aspects of the final report may be used in future BNC external communication materials.
  • The staff of the Baker-Nord Center will work with successful applicants to develop their programs, including assistance with arrangements for visiting speakers. Advance inquiries from interested faculty are encouraged.

Application Procedure:

To apply, please complete the Special Project Grant Application Form.