Dr. Chiel teaches two courses at Case Western Reserve University that may be of interest to those involved with the Chiel Lab: Introduction to Neurobiology, which provides a detailed introduction to electrophysiology and circuit analysis, and Dynamics of Biological Systems, which introduces undergraduates to quantitative mathematical modeling of biological systems. Learn more about each of these courses and how to enroll.

Introduction to Neurobiology

How do nervous systems control behavior? In this course, students work with simulations of neural components, neurons, synapses, and small neural circuits to learn the underlying principles of how nervous systems sense stimuli, change their patterns of activity in response to internal and external influences, and generate behavior.

Dynamics of Biological Systems 

This course will introduce students to dynamic biological phenomena, from the molecular to the population level, and models of these dynamical phenomena. It will describe a biological system, discuss how to model its dynamics, and experimentally evaluate the resulting models. Students learn how to use the modeling package Mathematica, concepts from nonlinear dynamical systems theory, and how to reconstruct published models.