Join the Lab

In the Chiel Lab at Case Western Reserve University, we’re always looking to welcome new students and researchers. Learn more about how to get involved with the lab as a graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, undergraduate student or high school student.

How to Apply: Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Looking to join the lab in a permanent position? Prospective graduate students can apply to the lab in one of three ways:

If you’re a prospective postdoctoral researcher, you can contact Dr. Chiel to learn about open positions. Dr. Chiel expects that prospective postdoctoral students will bring their own funding to the laboratory. Example funding sources include:

Volunteer With Us: Undergraduate and High School Students

Prospective undergraduate students and high school students are encouraged to get involved with our research as volunteers. To connect with volunteer opportunities for undergraduate students, contact Dr. Chiel with an initial email indicating your interest in research and a one-page resume of your background and experience.

Undergraduate students at Case Western Reserve may also explore the following:

  • Lab meetings
    • Dr. Chiel can email you a Zoom link to attend meetings.
    • Attend the meeting and learn about current projects.
    • Once you have found a project that interests you, contact the lab member who is working on it.
    • If that lab member agrees to serve as your mentor, you can have a volunteer position in the laboratory.
  • Support through SOURCE
  • Capstone projects
    • Dr. Chiel is happy to supervise capstone projects.
    • Generally, students begin as volunteers in their sophomore or junior year.
    • Once you have data, you are welcome to register for BIOL 388S to do a capstone with Dr. Chiel.