Photo of SpAR Lab members posing as a group

Lab Members

In the Speech and Auditory Research Lab, we focus on improving the quality of life for those with auditory communication difficulties through improved clinical assessments and interventions. Our team is interested in studying the differences between people with normal hearing and people with hearing loss and their ability to understand speech in noise. We are also interested in understanding how bilingualism impacts a person’s ability to understand English speech in noise.

Group photo of IMPACT members

The IMPACT Program

The IMPACT (Innovative Mentoring and Professional Advancement Through Cultural Training) Program is a multi-dimensional, inter-institutional, collaborative mentoring program for students who are interested in communication sciences and disorders (CSD). This program is run in collaboration with Hampton University.

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Audiolab, licensed to Simucase in 2021, was originally developed in the Speech and Auditory Research Lab at Case Western Reserve University by Dr. Lauren Calandruccio and undergraduate research assistant, Daniel Weidman. Audiolab teaches students to administer pure-tone hearing screenings and pure-tone audiometry, plot audiograms, and recognize different types of hearing loss.