About the IMPACT program

To learn more about the IMPACT program you can listen to an EmpowEAR Audiology Podcast hosted by Dr. Carrie Spangler that features the IMPACT Program. 

Or, check out the featured covered story on IMPACT in the October 2021 edition of the Hearing Journal.

Why apply to IMPACT?

The IMPACT program will prepare students for acceptance into top speech language pathology and audiology graduate programs and build future leaders who understand and embody inclusion, diversity, and compassion. Students will receive GRE preparation materials. There is no cost to the student for the included activities.

Learning Activities

  • Participate in a cultural empathy book club
  • Complete CITI training for research participation
  • Attend virtual activities including tours of premiere CSD programs and research institutions 
  • Submit a proposal for a poster presentation for a national convention
  • Contribute to an IMPACT Instagram account
  • Graduate school application preparation

How to Apply

For more information about the IMPACT program and future opportunities email impact-csd@case.edu.

The IMPACT program was initially funded by a grant from ASHA’s Office of Multicultural Affairs. A generous gift from the LaCalle Group allows for the program’s continuation.