Customer Service

Our Customers

The Case Western Reserve Office of Internal Audit Services has several customers. They include the individuals we directly report to and those we supervise and coach.

  • Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees. We directly report to this Committee and perform audits on their behalf.

  • University's departments, management centers and colleges, and senior management. As such, those groups -- and the students, faculty and staff who operate within them -- are also our customers. 

  • Government agencies and our external auditors in fulfilling their oversight responsibilities. 

  • Contributors, alumni, and the Cleveland community -- all of which we indirectly service by providing a high level of assistance to our customers.

We understand that our success depends on satisfying the needs of our customers. We fully recognize the value of our relationships with our customers and consistently do everything possible to exceed their expectations.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a service that promotes efficiency, productivity, cost savings, and effective internal control at a reasonable cost.

Our Tactics

To put the customer first, we ceaselessly strive to:

  • Build relationships with customers to understand their needs

  • Initiate changes that better meet customer needs

  • Make decisions only after answering the question, “How will this affect my customer?”

  • Eliminate any processes, functions, or procedures that have limited or no relationship to customer needs

  • Act on feedback from customers

  • Know the quality of work we provide each other directly affects the quality of work we provide to our customers

  • Meet the objective of each audit while maintaining a professional relationship

  • Complete the annual audit plan and each audit in a timely manner

  • Display the utmost courtesy and respect to customers and associates

  • Improve what we do

  • Work as a unified team and go the extra mile to help each other

  • Constantly search for new ways to strengthen our performance

  • Return all phone and voicemail messages within 24 hours

  • Complete all personnel evaluations promptly

  • Maintain confidentiality

  • Stay focused on high-risk audit areas

  • Complete individual audits within a four-month period

  • Have at least 85 percent of our recommendations agreed to by management/the auditee