Creating branded products.

Sometimes you need to reach an audience with more than just messages; you want a leave-behind that your constituents won't leave behind. Branded Case Western Reserve University merchandise—anything from clothing to key chains, cups to chocolates—can influence the longevity and reach of your marketing and communications efforts.

If you're looking to order Case Western Reserve University merchandise or promotional items, in most instances you are responsible for ordering promotional items for your school, department or unit. However, University Marketing and Communications reviews all items for brand compliance prior to production and distribution*.

Please make sure you allow at least one week for your request to move through the procurement and UMC approval process.

Here are the steps you need to follow to ensure your product—whether a new product or a reprint of a prior order—is delivered on time and on brand:

  1. Find the items you’d like to order that are in line with your goals and your budget by searching the websites of some of UMC’s recommended vendors**:
    1. Shamrock Cos.
    2. AG Print Promo
    3. RedBird
    4. 4imprint
  2. Contact the vendor of your choice and request a formal quote for the item(s) you would like to order. Please note: This should not be an invoice, as an invoice is to be provided after the product has been delivered; no production work should begin until a purchase order is dispatched by procurement, after this process is complete.
  3. Work directly with your vendor to create the merchandise artwork. Please download the branding items you need (approved university logo, font, etc.) by following instructions on our brand website. If artwork requires more design support, reach out to for guidance.
  4. Your vendor should then submit the artwork to Brand Manager for UMC’s review and approval. All recommended vendors are in our system and familiar with this process; vendors not within the system must complete a licensing application**. 
    1. Please note: Only vendors have access to Brand Manager; you cannot submit artwork on your vendor’s behalf.
    2. UMC will review artwork, and will assist when necessary to ensure all materials are brand compliant.
    3. UMC checks the Brand Manager portal regularly. However, if a request is urgent, please contact
  5. Once you receive a formal quote and approval in Brand Manager, work with your administrative team to submit the quote and a PDF of your Brand Manager approval with your procurement requisition in ERP Financials. Your requisition should be categorized as “promo supplies.” The requisition will route to UMC for review.
  6. If the estimate and Brand Manager approval are included in the requisition, UMC will approve the requisition and it will route to procurement for approval and a purchase order. Once the vendor receives a purchase order, they can begin working on your item(s).
  • Note: UMC will not release a requisition until artwork has been approved. 

*This process applies to all projects that include the Case Western Reserve University name, logo or initialism (CWRU).

**Note: You may choose to use a vendor not listed above, but this may delay merchandise delivery time. This option should only be used in rare instances and when ample time allows. If you choose to use a non-preferred vendor, reach out to the procurement team ( for guidance prior to beginning your purchasing process. This will streamline the procurement process once you receive a quote from your vendor.

Become an approved vendor

To apply to become an approved vendor through Brand Manager, please visit the CLC website to access the application and learn more about the process.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Brand Manager via .