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Case Western Reserve University recognizes its crucial role as steward of the information it collects while engaging in its academic and research activities. Maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of personal information is an institutional priority. To support this commitment, CWRU has created the Privacy Management Program.

Led by the University Compliance Office, the Privacy Management Program promotes awareness of privacy issues relating to the personal information of students, faculty, employees, volunteers, alumni, and donors. The Compliance Office directs the creation of university privacy policies, offers assistance regarding the use and protection of personal information in compliance with applicable laws, and coordinates the university's response to data breaches.

The Privacy Management Program promotes the appropriate management of personal information and confidential data in order to protect the privacy of personal information, discourage the misuse of data, protect university intellectual property, maintain trust among those who attend and work at the university, and foster a positive institutional reputation in the community.

After reviewing the information available at the links on this website, please contact us for more information or with specific questions.

Lisa Palazzo, University Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer