Flora Stone Mather Center for Women

The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women empowers all women and promotes gender equity and inclusion throughout the Case Western Reserve University community.

The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women is an inclusive and welcoming space that supports the diverse experiences and aspirations of all women. As a catalyst for positive social change, the Center integrates research and advocacy to engage and inspire people of all gender identities to advance gender equity and inclusion. We provide resources and educational programming to enrich the academic, professional, and personal lives of women in the CWRU community, promoting their success and well-being.

The Center also collaborates with campus and community partners to address contemporary issues affecting women, including the gender-based violence, advancement of women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) fields, and professional and leadership development.

The cornerstone of the Center's philosophy is intersectionality, supporting inclusion and gender equity for all identities, and respect for the diverse views and experiences of our community. The Center celebrates women's contributions to society, creates spaces for open dialogue, and promotes social justice.

The Body Positivity Club is focused on calling into question harmful societal standards of beauty and promoting holistic, healthy views of one's own body and beauty.

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The Feminist Collective at CWRU focuses on educating about feminism while advocating for the equal rights and access of women at Case Western Reserve University

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S.A.V.E. is an Undergraduate Student Government (USG)-recognized student group cosponsored by the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women at CWRU with the goal of mobilizing students towards educating the campus community on issues of sexual assault and violence, normalizing consent, and combating the culture of sexual violence.

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Women in Science and Engineering Roundtables (WISER) strives to promote the inclusion and success of all women pursuing a STEMM-related career at Case Western Reserve University through leadership, mentorship, and outreach.

WISER is open to all women CWRU students (undergraduate, graduate and professional) with a major or planning a career in science, technology, engineering, medicine, or math.

About Wiser

WISER (Women and Science and Engineering Roundtable) is open to all female CWRU students (undergraduate, graduate and professional) with a major or planning a career in science, technology, engineering, medicine or math.

New members and guests are always welcome at all WISER events, as are all interested CWRU faculty and staff. WISER sponsors a variety of programs and events, including peer and professional mentoring, monthly meetings, social outings, field trips and opportunities for professional and educational enrichment. To join, please see on-line application below.

Goal: To promote the academic excellence of women pursuing science at CWRU by building a learning community and by giving them the tools they need to succeed.

Events and Activities

Each month, an event or activity is planned for WISER members. These activities are designed to stimulate discussion and thought about some of the issues related to being a woman in science, to help build skills for success in the university and beyond, and to build a community of women in the sciences and engineering at Case.

WISER Lounge - Sears 545

WISER students are able to gather and meet in their own WISER room. The room is centrally located on campus, and set up for conversation, napping, and working. The lounge also has computers and a printer available specifically for student use.

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The Women Faculty Leadership Development Institute (WFLDI) includes a range of programs targeted to support and empower women faculty of all academic ranks in their professional and leadership development journeys. Programming includes small group discussions, national speakers, multi-day workshops, and individual coaching.

The Women Staff Leadership Development Institute (WSLDI) is a year-long program offering women professional staff an opportunity to enhance and energize leadership and career development skills through education, coaching, and the building of professional networks.

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