KeyBank Endowed Professorship

The KeyBank Professorship was established in 2011 to support a faculty member who demonstrates the values of cultural diversity in business. This partnership between KeyBank and Case Western Reserve University emphasizes a commitment to inclusion in the workplace and helps to contribute to the growing fields of emotional intelligence and cultural diversity in business. 

Photo of Diana Bilimoria - KeyBank Professor
Diana Bilimoria
KeyBank Professor and Chair of Organizational Behavior

An expert in how leadership development can transform individuals, groups, and organizations, Diana Bilimoria, Ph.D., is a KeyBank Professor, chair, and professor of organizational behavior. Bilimoria’s research focuses on gender and diversity in governance, leadership, and organizational transformation. Her studies have helped corporate, educational, and nonprofit organizations reinvent themselves and establish practices that attract and retain a high-performance, diverse workforce.

Questions she studies include:

  • How do individuals achieve their fullest potential as leaders and contributors in organizations?
  • What facilitates women and minority group members to become full participants in organizations, top management teams, and boardrooms?
  • How can workplaces tap into all the capabilities of leadership and diversity?