Norman Wallace Scholarship

Norman Wallace headshot

“There was something about Norman. He just rubbed off on you. It was... he affected you with his kindness, his love. The joy he had… He was just a beautiful person. He really was. He was special.."

—Corrie Wallace, Sister

The Scholarship

Norman E. Wallace was a 30-year-old MBA student at Weatherhead School of Management when his life was tragically cut short in the Peter B. Lewis building shooting of 2003. A graduate of Youngstown State University, Wallace pursued an MBA, stating: “I wanna do something different. I wanna help people.” This scholarship, named in his memory, is meant to assist a diverse group of students in the purchase of textbooks to further their education.

Norman E. Wallace

Coming from limited means, Norman was no stranger to financial struggle and sought to better not only his life, but the lives of his family and those around him. His ambitions to start a business were largely rooted in the desire to help others and this is what drove his journey to attain his MBA from CWRU. 

Norman hoped to use his education to benefit others and, while he is no longer with us, this scholarship is one small way in which his legacy can be carried on. This scholarship allows other students who attend CWRU to offset the sometimes prohibitive expense of textbooks so that they can focus on their education. 

Norman’s 10 siblings hope he will be remembered not for the tragic way in which his life was lost, but for the way he lived: vibrant and full of life, love, and ambition.