Class Engagement

Multiple CWRU courses offer real-world experience to students by collaborating with interested companies.

Guest Lectures and Information Sessions

Share your expertise, generate interest, and recruit new talent through interactions with CWRU students - either in guest lectures for our range of courses or via information sessions held through CWRU’s Career Center.

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Action Learning

Completion of a Bachelor’s degree in business management at the Weatherhead School of Management requires action learning, i.e. a real-life consulting project with organizational clients.  This enables students to practice, develop, and apply theoretical knowledge and skills, better preparing them to enter the workforce.  

If your organization is dealing with a problem and thinks participation in the action learning program at CWRU could serve as a vital part of your solution, contact Jennifer Johnson at 216.368.2092 or  

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Engineering Senior Design Classes

Completion of a Bachelor’s degree from the Case School of Engineering requires a senior design project, frequently undertaking problems on behalf of a corporation’s current needs.  This requirement stands across CWRU’s engineering departments. 

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Product and Process Design and Development 

Completion of a Master’s degree in engineering and management requires product and process design and development, in order to develop students’ understanding of the interactions between customers, designers, and manufacturers.  The bulk of students’ projects consists of case studies from real-world companies.

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