Corporate Career Development

This series offers industry partners solutions for enhancing collaboration between work teams, including tools for understanding different communication styles and maximizing team interactions.

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Company Culture and Process Improvements

This course is offered as a half-day, full day or week-long customized program for industry partners. Topics include:

  • Positive Positioning—peer-to-boss communications and presentations grounded in a positive psychology approach
  • Contract Negotiation—a collaborative approach between academic and industry expertise to deliver effective solutions
  • Process Improvement—forming cohorts of natural work teams for the company's high potentials group, including pre-work and surveys of participants; offering customized project management for high-performance teams
  • Change Management—work directly with HR staff and CEO to customize solutions for company growth and expansion needs
  • Culture of Innovation—how to create and sustain a culture of innovation mindset and motivating people to implement the company vision and mission

Building an Entrepreneurial Culture

This course is offered as a half-day, full day or week-long customized program for industry partners. Topics include:

  • Beyond Silicon Valley:  How Can Communities Outside of Silicon Valley Grow Their Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  • Entrepreneurial Finance:  Understanding the Investment Continuum from Friends and Family to IPO

Importance of Ethical Leadership

Offered in partnership with the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence at Case Western Reserve, this certificate program in ethics provides a two and a-half day immersive introduction to the philosophy, psychology and neuroscience of ethical behavior with practical applications to everyday life. Key ethical issues covered include:

  1. Major philosophical theories of ethics
  2. Psychological processes leading to destructive and constructive behaviors
  3. Influences of context, culture or organizational climate on ethical behavior
  4. Methods to achieve a better brain balance and promote both ethical character and productivity
  5. Practical strategies for increasing personal and organizational well-being and avoiding ethical pitfalls, including managing different personality types and organizational roles

Presentation Skills for Engineering and Technical Professionals

This is a two – three-hour training held at the company’s site or at CWRU.  A must-have, hands-on, interactive workshop designed to enhance presentation skills for technical professionals.  This course will help you craft and polish your message with professionalism.