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The Bylaws of the Case Western Reserve University Emeriti Academy

The purposes of the Academy include the following:

  • Encourage and facilitate retired faculty’s involvement with students, junior faculty, alumni, faculty governance, university administration, and the greater CWRU community.
  • Support the university through the continuation of research and scholarly pursuits including publications and external funding.
  • Serve as an incentive for retiring faculty to remain affiliated with the university.
  • Identify and advance the continuing intellectual interests of retired faculty.
  • Facilitate the service of retired faculty to the university, community and society.
  • Help disseminate retirees’ accumulated knowledge, wisdom and expertise under the aegis of CWRU.
  • Provide a seamless transition for faculty into retirement as well as a focal point for activities and social interaction.

These bylaws shall constitute the rules and regulations governing the conduct and procedures of the Emeriti Academy in the performance of its duties.

Emeriti Academy Bylaws