Clustering mechanism of Janus particles

The Colloidal Domain

Colloids are ubiquitous: blood, milk, laundry detergent, nanomaterials, ice cream, clouds, cell membranes, and drilling fluids represent just a small selection of colloidal systems. A colloid is any material that contains a second, finely divided, material, where “finely divided” means having one dimension that is between ~ 10 and 1000 nanometers – this is the “Colloidal Domain!"

We seek to understand the fundamental relationship between particle interactions, microstructure, and bulk properties for materials in the Colloidal Domain. Given the importance of these phenomena to everyday life, we will supplement our fundamental research program by working with industry.

Past Presentations

(30 min) Beer, wine, and Bourbon: Adventures in Flatland and Why Interfacial Science Matters. Science Cafe, August 2022

(13 min) Three-Dimensional Technique of Measuring Sag in Drying Coatings. AIChE Annual Meeting, November 2021

(16 min) DLVO Energy Landscape of a Janus Particle Near a Boundary. AIChE Annual Meeting, November 2021

(30 min) Influence of Nanoparticles on the Dynamics and Clustering of Active Colloids Proximate to a Boundary. First Global Symposium on Janus Particles, October 2020

(13 min) Towards Total Internal Reflection Microscopy of Non-Spherical Particles. AIChE Annual Meeting, November 2020 

 (26 min) Everyday Nano: Fun with Complex Fluids. Virtual Engineers Week Carnival Activities, February 2021