Dual Alumni

From Fisk University to Case Western Reserve University:
The Many Paths of Our Dual Alumni

Jointly taught classes, campus ambassadors, exchange programs, research projects and dual-degree programs provide numerous ways in which students and faculty from Case Western Reserve University and Fisk University can share ideas, work together and experience the unique opportunities available at each school. Similarly, Fisk alumni who pursue graduate and professional degrees at CWRU reap the benefits of attending both a small liberal arts college and a major research university—a combination that has well-served over 40 dual alumni since 1925.

Alumni All Over the Country

From Salisbury, North Carolina, and Louisville, Kentucky to Cleveland, Ohio and Brooklyn, New York, these and other towns and cities represent the starting point of many individuals who came to Nashville, Tennessee to attend a small liberal arts college with a reputation for developing young minds and creating strong leaders.

Why Fisk University?

Guided by the desire to learn, challenge their social and cultural constructs and serve their communities by that knowledge, they chose Fisk University—one the oldest, historically black colleges in the United States, known for producing some of the nation’s foremost African-American scholars, scientists, educators, social critics, historians, library and social service administrators and physicians.

The Legacy Lives On

That legacy of educational excellence continues today, as more than 70 percent of Fisk graduates go on to graduate and professional schools. These baccalaureate graduates chose to continue their education and ventured north to Cleveland to attend Case Western Reserve University—an independent research-based institution with a remarkable reputation in the fields of law, medicine, social work, library science, engineering, and education.

Since then, more than 40 students have followed a similar path by earning degrees from both institutions. Their lives and their work reflect the pride, scholarship, service and leadership the two universities have long sought to instill in its graduates. These dual-degree alumni represent the best of what can happen when a select liberal arts college collaborates with a leading independent research institution.

Case Western Reserve-Fisk University Dual Alumni

  • Adrienne Lash Jones, PhD
  • Ann Allen Shockley
  • Barbara J. Love Chapman
  • Beatrice L. Jourdain Richie
  • Bertha Cordelia Clark Royal
  • Beverly J. Moody
  • Carol Ardella Simmons
  • Caryn Lynn Hines
  • Charles Rubin Jr.
  • Ella Mae Johnson
  • Eugene A. White, MD
  • John Fitzgerald Harris
  • Joy Adelynn Kitchen Ward-Drew
  • Judy Roseburr Williams
  • Kimberly R. Houston-Philpot
  • Lenore V. Buford, PhD
  • Leslie Amenia Dixon-Meek
  • Leslie M. Collins
  • Lisa Nichelle Pitts
  • Mae Hamlin Scott
  • Mark K. Jones
  • Mary Atkins Bruce
  • Michelle Marie Dunn Carter
  • Patricia Hoover
  • Paula Vivian Atwood
  • Precious Jewel Freeman Graham
  • Rev. Diane Henderson Turner-Sharazz
  • Rochanda Mitchell
  • Sarah Short Austin-Crosthwaite
  • Steven L. Wolfe
  • Taron D. Williams