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The Case Western Reserve University-Fisk University Partnership provides undergraduate students from Fisk and students from CWRU the opportunity to design a course of study that can result in dual degrees in engineering, social work, nursing and accounting.

ACES: Academic Careers in Engineering and Sciences

With generous support from the National Science Foundation, the Academic Careers in Engineering and Sciences (ACES) program at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) seeks to contribute to the development of a national science and engineering workforce that includes the full participation of women at all levels of faculty and academic leadership.

The ACES+ summer research program for Science and Engineering (S&E) underrepresented minority undergraduate students is an intensive, hands-on 10-week session under the direction of a CWRU faculty member. Students also attend lectures by a science and engineering faculty and give poster presentations at the end of the session. The program includes a stipend, plus support for housing, meals, travel and supplies.

CLiPS: Center for Layered Polymeric Systems

The Center for Layered Polymeric Systems (CLiPS) at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) was established in 2006 to create an integrated program of research and education through the vehicle of a unique microlayering and nanolayering process technology at CWRU.

CWRU’s existing relationship with Fisk University enabled the two institutions to develop a strategic partnership through CLiPS that encourages joint research and education initiatives. This alliance provides joint activities for CLiPS participants ranging from high school students through faculty members. 
A chief objective of CLiPS is to create a model for a fully integrated partnership between a historically black college or university and a research institution to broaden participation of African-American students in the science and engineering fields.

Fisk to Case Western Reserve Exchange

One of the goals of the partnership is to promote a semester-long student exchange. The Office of Undergraduate Studies at Case Western Reserve University helps to administer the exchange through its Exchange and Study Abroad Program in an effort to recruit students who may be interested in study away opportunities closer to home, as study away does not necessarily mean out of the country.

Student exchanges at both institutions require students to pay their home tuition. Exchanges are not limited to specific disciplines. The institutions believe that a sophomore or junior may best benefit from such an exchange.

Joint Programs

Case Western Reserve University and Fisk University launched two academic programs in engineering and accountancy that allow undergraduate and graduate students to reap the rewards of the rich resources at both institutions. A third program in social work became available in 2004.

Student Ambassadors

While in Nashville, students can attend classes, meet with students, faculty and administrators, and spread the word about what CWRU could offer Fisk students who choose to participate in the exchange.

Dual-Degree Alumni

Fisk University is a historically black liberal arts college with strong academic programs in the humanities and fine arts, natural sciences, mathematics and the social sciences. Among currently practicing African-American physicians, lawyers and dentists, one in six is a Fisk graduate. In proportion to its size, Fisk contributes more alumni to the ranks of doctorally prepared African-American scholars than any institution in the United States.

Legacy Project

The Fisk to CWRU Legacy Project is a unique program designed to recruit Fisk University graduates to Case Western Reserve University for research and post-baccalaureate studies. The project recognizes many accomplished and influential people who hold degrees from both Fisk University and Case Western Reserve University.

The Fisk to CWRU Legacy Project is one component of the Case Western Reserve-Fisk Partnership—established in 2002 to offer expanded opportunities in education, research and teaching for students, faculty and staff from these two institutions. Through the partnership, for example, students can apply for enrollment to dual-degree programs and participate in summer-long student exchanges and joint research with a national and international scope.

Charles S. Johnson Think Tank

Case Western Reserve University first participated in the Charles S. Johnson Think Tank in 2006, and again in 2007 as a result of its ongoing partnership with Fisk University. The Case Western Reserve-Fisk Partnership sponsored the trip to Nashville for participant involvement in the think tank.

The think tank is named for Johnson, a sociologist, activist and authority on race relations, who came to Fisk University in 1928 to chair the Department of Social Sciences (funded by the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial). Johnson—also the first African-American president at Fisk (1946–1956)—used his research and data collection and analysis skills to examine and improve race relations in the United States. Johnson’s efforts helped Fisk become a center for research in race relations.

The institute, recognizing an ongoing need to focus on race and to seek solutions to the diverse issues that arise, hosts an annual think tank in Johnson’s honor. It’s meant to commemorate the scholar, honor his legacy and is an opportunity for scholars, researchers, teachers, students and others concerned about race to engage in a dialogue on significant issues that influence race relations.

Fisk to Case Western Reserve Recruitment Fair

The Case Western Reserve University and Fisk University Recruitment Fair takes place at Fisk University during the fall and spring semesters. Academic deans, faculty, staff, advisors and students from both institutions meet on the historic Fisk campus in Nashville to learn about the academic internship and research opportunities available through the partnership. This event serves as an active pipeline to the graduate and professional schools at CWRU, which is the key element of the partnership.

Cultural and Artistic Programming

One of the objectives of the partnership is to find ways to offer cultural and artistic exchanges and programs through visits of performance arts groups or exchanges of historical collections.

Greater Cleveland is home to the Cleveland Fisk Alumni Club, whose alumni meet regularly to sponsor programs and activities that will generate funds for scholarships to prospective and current Fisk students.