HoloAnatomy® Software Suite

two med students observing hologram with the HoloLens 2

The Future of Anatomy Education

The HoloAnatomy® Software Suite functions on HoloLens devices. The software suite includes:

Designer Tool

The Designer Tool is similar in concept to PowerPoint, loaded to the course instructor’s computer. This allows educators to develop custom presentations using the library of anatomical art. The instructors could apply automatic or custom labels, highlight features, change body positions and sizes, include notes and 2D images, and compare male and female anatomy side-by-side. Once the 3D "slideshow" is designed, course instructors can click "publish" and deploy the content to multiple HoloLens headsets where students can start exploring content together in class. 

Dashboard Tool

The Dashboard Tool makes class and exam management even easier for both faculty and technical support. Upon launch, it allows users to view the status of any HoloLens connected to class to gain a clearer understanding of what participants are experiencing and have control over the testing environment, including: monitor dropouts, administer an exam, assign different questions to different students, and much more. 

The Anatomical Hologram Library

A library of digital 3D anatomy art assets with more than 9000 intricate illustrations of the human body. Static male and female models represent average healthy middle-aged adult anatomy.

The Viewer App

The Viewer App is an app to HoloLens, allows the display of holographic content created in the Designer Tool.

The HoloAnatomy Network

Networking framework enables multi-user classroom interactions for large and small groups using traditional classroom Wi-Fi.


How HoloAnatomy got started