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Records, A-Z

I (continued)
R (continued)
Account reconciliation documentation Inquiries and replies, routine Recommendations, staff employment candidates
Acknowledgements, invitations Inspections, equipment Recommendations, student employees
Acknowledgements, routine Instructions, equipment Reports, absence
Advertisements, staff employment Inventories, equipment Reports, accounts payable vendor
Affirmative Action Approval for Candidates Inventories, supply Reports, annual
Affirmative Action Recruitment Strategy Checklists Invitations Reports, committee
Agendas, committee meetings Invoices (paid) Reports, demurrage system (detail of charges)
Agendas, staff meetings
Reports, department meetings
Agreements, creative services Job descriptions, staff Reports, equipment repair
Agreements, equipment maintenance Job offer and acceptance documents Reports, events
Agreements, general Junk mail Reports, IKON cost-per-copy
Agreements, non-disclosure
Reports, program and project
Announcements, employment Logs, equipment maintenance Reports, Requisition/PO Number Cross Reference
Announcements, event and meeting Logs, job candidates Requests, student employment
Announcements, routine Logs, routine telephone calls Requests, training
Applications, staff employment (hires) Logs, tracking Requests, travel payment
Applications, staff employment (non-hires)
Requests, vacation
Applications, student employment Magazines, non-University Requisitions, purchase
Attendance forms Magazines, University Requisitions, staff employment
Authorizations, overtime Mailing lists Resumes, staff
Authorizations, training Minutes, committee meetings Resumes, student employees
Awards and commendations, staff Minutes, department meetings Reviews, policy
Awards and commendations, student employees
Reviews, programs and projects
Newsletters, non-University Reviews, staff performance
Background information, program and project Newsletters, University Reviews, student employee performance
Background information, committees Notes, committee meetings Rosters, committee membership
Background information, policies Notes, department meetings Routing slips
Notes, employment interviews
Campus Job Employment Referral, students Notes, program and project meetings Salary Distribution Reports, monthly
Certificate of Liability Insurance
Schedules, events
Certifications, training Organizational charts Self-studies
Charge, to committees
Contract compliance, creative services Personal information (e.g., name changes) Statements of mission, goals, objectives
Contract compliance, general Personal messages Statements, travel
Contracts, creative services Photographs and slides Submissions, budget
Contracts, general Photographs, digital Supplier information forms
Correspondence – see specific terms (e.g., acknowledgements, authorizations, cover messages) Presentations, events Supporting materials, creative services contracts
Cost estimates Presentations, staff meetings Supporting materials, general contracts
Cover messages, fax, email, post-it notes Press releases, events Surveys, program and project
Email – see specific terms (e.g., acknowledgements, authorizations, cover messages) Procedures, office management
Emergency contact information, staff Procedures, operational Tax Confirmation and Permission to Work forms
Emergency contact information, student employees Profiles and histories, vendors Tax withholding forms (state)
Employment Eligibility Verification Form, staff Programs, events Test results, job candidates
Employment Eligibility Verification Form, student employees Promotional materials, events Time sheets, student employees
Expense Statements, monthly Proposals, committee Time sheets, staff
Proposals, programs and projects Transfer and disposition documents, equipment
Forecasts, budget monitoring Publications, non-University Transmittal messages, email
Forecasts, budget preparation Publications, University
Purchase orders W-4 forms, student employees
Guidelines, budget
W-4 forms, staff
Receipts, PCard W-9 forms
I-9 Forms, staff Receipts, travel Warranties
I-9 Forms, student employees Recommendations, staff employees Working papers