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exhibit title: Our Presidents


Carroll Cutler

President, Western Reserve University, Fall/1871-6/23/1886

Carroll Cutler


Graduated from Yale College, 1854

Graduated from Yale Divinity School, 1858



University Awards

Western Reserve College awarded Cutler the Honorary Master of Arts, 1862.

Western Reserve University named its original president’s residence Cutler Hall to honor Cutler’s past service as president, 1934.

Western Reserve University named one of the men’s north side residences Cutler House for his “great service as a teacher, his high ideals of scholarship and his service during difficult years in maintaining high educational standards and developing and solidifying the curriculum," 1964.



Principal, Bloomfield Academy, Bloomfield, New Jersey, 1854-1855

Tutor, Yale College, 1856-1858

Professor of Intellectual Philosophy and Rhetoric, Western Reserve College, 1860-1865

Handy Professor of Intellectual Philosophy, Western Reserve University, 1865-1889

Oviatt Professor of Rhetoric, Western Reserve College, 1865-1876

Professor of Christian Theology, Western Reserve College, 1876-1882

Professor of Theology and Church Government, Biddle University, Charlotte, North Carolina, 1889-1891

Professor of Theology and Church Government, Talledega College, Talledega, Alabama, 1891-1894


University Numbers
  1871/72 1885/86
Enrollment 132 198
Number of faculty 25 26
Total value of stocks held by the University $104,552.50 $635,280.89
Tuition $30




Instruction of women began at Western Reserve College.



The Remington Arms Co. began mass producing Christopher Sholes’ 1867 invention – the typewriter.


Installation of Charles Brush’s arc lights made Cleveland the first city “to be lighted electrically.”


The Cleveland Telephone Co. began service.
Western Reserve College moved from Hudson to Cleveland.




Regional Population
  1870 1890
Hudson 1,520  
Cleveland   261,353


Caution should be taken when comparing financial data across long periods of time. Accounting practices have changed substantially during CWRU's nearly 200-year history. In compiling these numbers, we have relied on the most authoritative contemporaneous sources available.

Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, March 2007.