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exhibit title: Our Presidents


Henry L. Hitchcock

President, Western Reserve College, 7/1855-6/27/1871


Graduated from Yale University, 1832

Graduated from Lane Theological Seminary, 1837



University Awards

Western Reserve University named its Euclid Avenue library building Hitchcock Hall in honor of Hitchcock’s service as president, 1934.

Western Reserve University named one of the men’s north side residences Hitchcock House in honor of his “patience, his independence of thought and action, his skill in attracting competent colleagues and his financial judgment,” 1964.



Principal, Burton Academy, Burton, Ohio, 1832-1834

Pastor, Congregational Church, Morgan, Ohio, 1838-1840

Pastor, Second Presbyterian Church, Columbus, Ohio, 1840-1855

Professor of Christian Theology, Western Reserve College, 1855-1873

Mayor, Village of Hudson, Ohio, 1861

Trustee, Western Reserve College, 1871-1873


University Numbers
  1855/56 1870/71
Enrollment 137 168
Number of faculty 13 22
Endowment $60,000 $143,000
Tuition $30 $30



  1859 Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species was published.


The United States was plunged into Civil War.
Western Reserve College erased the $25,000 debt that had threatened to close the college in the 1850s.


The Cleveland Public Library was established.
The Union Pacific met the Central Pacific, completing the country’s transcontinental railway.
John D. Rockefeller founded the Standard Oil Company.



Regional Population
  1850 1870
Hudson 1,457 1,520

Caution should be taken when comparing financial data across long periods of time. Accounting practices have changed substantially during CWRU's nearly 200-year history. In compiling these numbers, we have relied on the most authoritative contemporaneous sources available.

Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, March 2007.