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Presidents, 1830-2007

WRU seal
Case seal
Western Reserve University
Case Institute of Technology
Charles B. Storrs (1830-1833)
George E. Pierce (1834-1855)
Henry L. Hitchcock (1855-1871)
Carroll Cutler (1871-1886)
Hiram C. Haydn (1887-1890)
Cady Staley (1886-1902)
Charles F. Thwing (1890-1921)
Charles S. Howe (1902-1929)
James D. Williamson (1921-1923)
Robert E. Vinson (1923-1933)
Winfred G. Leutner (1933-1949)
John S. Millis (1949-1967)
T. Keith Glennan (1947-1966)
Robert W. Morse (1966-1967)

CWRU seal
Case Western Reserve University
Robert W. Morse (1967-1970)
Louis A. Toepfer (1970-1980)
David V. Ragone (1980-1987)
Agnar Pytte (1987-1999)
David H. Auston (1999-2001)
James W. Wagner (2001-2002)
Edward M. Hundert (2002-2006)
Gregory L. Eastwood (2006-2007)

People who served as acting president within a president's term are not included. For instance, Kent H. Smith was acting president of Case when T. Keith Glennan was on leave at NASA.

Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, March 2007.