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exhibit title: Our Presidents


Cady Staley

President, Case School of Applied Science, 9/1/1886-6/5/1902


B.A., Union College, 1865

C.E., Union College, 1866, Civil Engineering

Ph.D., Union College, 1886



University Awards

Western Reserve University awarded Staley the honorary Doctor of Laws, 1901.

The Cady Staley Fund, established by Staley, funded loans to students and supported the Cady Staley Prize, given to the freshman with the highest record for the year, 1902.

Case Western Reserve University dedicated one of the men’s south side residences the Cady Staley House to honor Staley as “an engineer of repute, he carried on a tradition…of encouraging appreciation of the humanities in men of scientific bent,” 1969.



Wagon train driver and Prospector, 1866

Civil Engineer, Central Pacific Railroad, 1866-1867

Instructor in Civil Engineering, Union College, Schenectady, New York, 1867-1868

Professor of Civil Engineering, Union College, 1868-1876

Dean of the Faculty, Union College, 1876-1886

Professor of Civil Engineering, Case School of Applied Science, 1886-1902

Professor of Political Economy, Case School of Applied Science, 1907-1914

Professor of Economics, Case School of Applied Science, 1915-1920


University Numbers
  1886/87 1901/02
Enrollment 44 353
Number of faculty 8 27
Tuition per year $75 $100


Mechanical, electrical, and mining engineering began as separate programs.
The United States fought the Kingdom of Spain in the Spanish-American War.
Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams was published.
Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioning system.


Regional Population
  1890 1900
Cleveland 261,353 381,768
Cuyahoga County 309,970 439,120


Caution should be taken when comparing financial data across long periods of time. Accounting practices have changed substantially during CWRU's nearly 200-year history. In compiling these numbers, we have relied on the most authoritative contemporaneous sources available.

Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, March 2007.