Our Goals and Objectives

The overall goal of the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery is to develop an integrated drug discovery pipeline, consisting of lead generation powered by advanced AI technologies, preclinical testing in close collaboration with biomedical researchers (especially Case Western Reserve University researchers), and clinical studies using patient electronic health records. The center works closely with the Case Western Reserve University Technology Transfer Office (TTO) for both AI technology and candidate drug licensing.

The objectives for the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery are:

  1. Development of advanced AI drug discovery algorithms (e.g., natural language processing, machine learning, data mining, knowledge engineering, systems biology)
  2. In-vitro screening of promising candidate drugs (collaborating with biomedical researchers)
  3. In-vivo testing in animal models of diseases (collaboration with wet-lab biomedical researchers)
  4. “Virtual clinical trial” using large amounts of patient electronic medical records