Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology

Primary Training Faculty in Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology

  • Ozan Akkus headshot

    Ozan Akkus, PhD

    Case Western Reserve University

    Benign Hematology

    Interests: Connective tissue mechanics and repair

  • Margot Damaser headshot

    Margot Damaser

    Cleveland Clinic

    Phone: 216.444.1103

    Urology, Benign Urology

    Interests: Stem cells for regenerative medicine, neural control of the bladder, tissue engineering for individuals with pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Merlin Gnanapragasam

    Cleveland State University



    Interests: Mechanisms of mammalian erythropoiesis, inherited blood diseases, e.g. Congenital Dyserythropoietic and Sickle Cell Anemias, and β Thalassemia

  • Adonis Hijaz headshot

    Adonis Hijaz

    University Hospitals

    Phone: 440.870.9909

    Benign Urology, Urology 

    Interests: Role of human mesenchymal stem cells in recovery, effects of aging birth response recovery and response to stem cell therapy and mechanisms of injury in birth trauma 

  • Byron Lee headshot

    Byron Lee

    Cleveland Clinic

    Phone: 216.444.5600

    Urology, Benign Urology 

    Interests: Stem cell biology, regenerative medicine as treatments for urologic diseases and nanotechnology in regenerative medicine for urologic diseases