Courses + Activities

We offer a range of courses and activities from hands-on courses and conferences to recorded activities and DVDs. 


‌‌Conferences are live CME activities that occur at specific times. Participation may be in person or remotely as is the case of teleconferences or live internet webinars. Examples include national, regional or local conferences, workshops and seminars and live internet webinars.

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Intensive Course Series

Our Intensive Course Series are for physicians in all specialties who wish or need to pursue certain focused areas of study. Some of the topics we currently offer include medical ethics, documentation and prescribing controlled substances.

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Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS)

Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS) are series with multiple sessions that occurs on an ongoing basis (offered weekly, monthly, or quarterly) and are primarily planned by and presented to the accredited organization’s professional staff. Examples include Grand Rounds, Tumor Boards, and M&M Conferences.

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Enduring Materials

Enduring Materials are activities that endure over a specified time. Examples include print, audio, video and internet materials such as monographs, podcasts, CD-ROMS, DVD’s, archived webinars and other web-based activities.

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Learning from Teaching

Learning from Teaching represents a range of activities in which an accredited provider can facilitate practice-based learning and improvement – where the ‘practice’ could be the person’s professional “teaching practice” or “clinical practice” or “research practice”.

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